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M.B.E stands for Martin Bell Experience. Martin Bell is the resident studio producer of the Black Knight studio in Rome, Georgia, USA. Bell is originally from Sussex, England and came to the United States in 1990. He has been writing and producing music for 36 years. He started in 1986, operating a simple Tascam 4 track studio in the cellar of Barlavington Manor , his home in West Sussex. To date, he has now built his studio workspace into one of the most State of the art production studios out there.

Bell is a qualified Air transport Pilot and Captain of medium size jets, by day, but started to write and remix tracks in his spare time.

Bell became popular when he started remixing tracks from leading artist, often giving the track an edgy dance track vibe. In the last few years Bell has remixed tracks from artist such as Frankmusik, Erasure, Gary Numan, Celine Dion, Miley Cyrus and several others. 

Check out the soundcloud and Music video pages on this website. Clink the links above

Martin Bell and David Randall in the original Tascam 4 track studio built in the Cellar of Barlavington manor in the mid 80's.

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